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Despite being winter, most of the SPRING sessions have begun. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, with greater details found through the links:

Student FAQ

  • Why can't I see my course(s) yet?
    • Instructors have control over the initial availability of the courses up until the day they begin. You can check on your current or future courses on your Moodle Dashboard:
      Image shows the Dashboard link locations in the upper right and mid left side of the main page of Moodle

  • Where can I find the syllabus for my course? Where can I locate the Zoom link for my online class meeting?
    • Both the syllabus file and the activity containing the course's Zoom links should be posted in the top section of the main page for each course.
      Image shows top section of the page main for an example course with the Zoom activity and syllabus file highlighted
  • How can I find out where my on campus course is meeting? 

Faculty FAQs

Site news

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