Course Description:  Presents the language of medicine required for work in a variety of health care fields. Includes basic medical language, word-building skills, and introductory medical science and health concepts foundational for advanced study in the health professions. Covers how to effectively frame communication, select media, and construct public health campaigns; focuses on skills in informing, empowering, or persuading individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles and on fostering public debate for ultimate health policy change.

This course examines contemporary trends and issues in career education. Various strategies and methods established to provide for, and to improve the delivery of, appropriate educational and vocational services for students with disabilities as well as personal/social adjustment is also addressed. A major focus is on the importance of transition planning for children moving from early intervention to head start and elementary and beyond. Additional focus will be around federal regulations and guidance for transitioning children and adolescents in special education through school and job/vocational placements.