Timeline of Moodle Tasks


  • Any items highlighted in yellow are required by the University.
    Any items highlighted in purple may be required by your collegiate unit.

TIME: One day after your receive your Trinity credentials

  • Login to Moodle to verify that you have access to Moodle
  • If you have been assigned to courses for the upcoming term already, explore your courses found in the right or center column "My Courses" list/block
  • Update your User Profile

TIME: Three to two weeks before course begins

  • Finalize your syllabus
  • Determine for which assignments you will use Moodle
  • Add text and/or images to the weekly summary areas
  • Add file and URL resources
  • Adjust the course start date, as necessary
  • Embed external videos in a label resource, page resource, or weekly summary area
  • Add class sessions to the existing Attendance activity
  • Add any other Activities for the appropriate assignments (e.g., Quizzes, Discussions, Papers, Lessons, etc.)

TIME: One weeks before course begins

  • Upload your syllabus as a file resource to the main page of your course
  • Use Quickmail to update students
  • Set up your Moodle gradebook
  • Add a welcome message

TIME: A few days before first course meeting

  • Check your hidden versus visible items
  • Make your course available to students
  • Post to the 'Announcements' forum at the top of the page announcing the course availability (this will get emailed to all enrolled users)

TIME: First course meeting

  • Pull up your course page before class begins
  • Take Attendance with the projector off, if possible
  • Turn on projector and share your Moodle page with students

TIME: One week past the add/drop deadline

  • Make sure you have created at least one class session in the attendance activity to indicate whether the student is attending class for financial aid purposes.

TIME: Before Midterm Grades are due

  • Check your gradebook to make sure that it is calculating the way you intended

TIME: Before or on the Midterm Grades due date

  • Submit the midterm progress grades for your students, if required by your collegiate unit

TIME: Before Final Grades are due

  • Check your gradebook to make sure that it is still calculating the way you intended

TIME: 72 hours after your last class meeting

  • Submit your final grades
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