EDU 790A Organization and Leadership of Schools through Administration will define the many aspects of an administrator’s influence and impact on a school environment. Participants will examine how factors of teacher assessment and development, academic advancement, as well as how school and community outreach play a part in a school’s overall success. Students will develop strategic planning skills to evaluate the organization of a school community’s relationships and responsibilities and how they correlate with pupil achievement. Participants will explore the role of staff professional development.

Course Objectives:  

a.     Developing a working definition of “Instructional Leadership”;

b.     Examining expectations, behaviors and outcomes of proficient Instructional Leadership;

c.     Examining the relationship of Instructional Leadership with local, state and national schema, inclusive of local strategic plans, the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, the Wallace Foundation Correlates of Effective Leadership, and a seminal body of research about Instructional Leadership;

d.     Analyzing teaching processes for the purpose of improving instruction and student achievement;

e.     Understanding effective pedagogical practices for diverse populations; and

f.      Developing an understanding of adult learning and effective models of professional development.