Emergency Text Message System: Sign-up Now!

To: ALL-TRINITY <ALL-TRINITY@trinitydc.edu>

Dear Students and Colleagues

With this periodic reminder of our policy on emergency and weather communications, I also want to tell you about our NEW TEXT MESSAGE SYSTEM and ask you to sign-up today.  We have changed our text message provider to ensure continuing service to all cell phones.  If you were on the previous system, we will no longer use that, please sign-up for this new system.  To sign up:

On your cell phones, text trinitydcalerts to 555888

It’s that simple!  You will get a confirming message on your phone.  The confirming message may state “2 msgs per month, Msg&Data rates may apply”….that’s standard language from the messaging system.  If you have unlimited texting, you should not incur any charges for messages sent through this system.  As for “2 msgs per month” well that depends on how much snow we get!  Last year we sent a total of ten text messages all year, all about weather status. 

When you sign-up for trinitydcalerts on 555888 we promise that you will ONLY get messages on this number about genuine emergencies affecting Trinity’s campus.  No Trinity spam, no other announcements, genuine alerts only…. So, we hope you will get very few messages through this system but whatever we send will be very important.  Also, your phone number is safe and private, we do not share your information for any purpose.

Below is our periodic message about Emergency and Weather Communications.  Thank you for your cooperation.

President Pat McGuire

Policy: Emergency and Weather Communications

In the event of a weather event, power outage or other emergency that impacts the operation of our campus, Trinity will broadcast information to the campus community in all of the following ways:

1.  Text Alerts

Text trinitydcalerts to 555888 on your cell phone and you will be all set to get instant alerts about Trinity’s status and directions in emergencies.

Please sign-up for TrinityDCAlerts now --- this is the fastest way to get emergency information!

2. Weather Hotline and Emergency Information Telephone Number: 202-884-9009

In bad weather or any other situation that may require Trinity to cancel classes, Trinity also posts a message on the Emergency Information Telephone Number: 202-884-9009.

For snow or other weather closings, Trinity makes every effort to make the appropriate determination by 6:00 a.m. if the weather occurs overnight. Trinity also communicates with all Washington area radio and television stations so that Trinity’s status can be broadcast and listed with other schools. (Please note, however, that if Trinity is open, the broadcast media will NOT announce that fact.)

Students, faculty, staff and any other persons who want to find out Trinity’s status or learn more information in an emergency can call the emergency hotline, 202-884-9009 for a recorded status message  (though it’s still faster and easier to sign-up for trinitydcalerts at 555888)

3. Email and Website Emergency Communications

In an emergency, Trinity also uses several other mass communications methods and students, faculty and staff are urged to check these sources for information:

  • Trinity sends a general email to all campus email addresses about the emergency; it’s very important for you to check your Trinity email routinely.  You can get instructions for adding your Trinity email to your smartphone on the  Technology Website.
  • For any extended emergency situation, Trinity also creates a link on the website www.trinitydc.edu  and urges, students, faculty, staff, alumnae, parents and others to visit the site regularly for updates.

4.  Class Cancellations

Faculty have received separate instructions from Academic Affairs concerning class cancellations and notices to students.  Thanks to the wonders of Moodle, even during weather closings you can continue instruction via Moodle!! 

5.  Supplies

While Trinity does maintain emergency supplies, there is no substitute for your own preparedness.  Everyone should have, at minimum in your office or room on campus, a working flashlight, batteries and some bottled water.  Non-perishable food is also helpful if properly stored.  Blankets, a change of clothes, other basic amenities can help if an emergency arises that keeps you on campus for a shelter-in-place order for longer than a few hours.  While Trinity may never need such supplies, we cannot know what the DC or federal authorities may order in any given situation, but we must comply if they issue orders.  Be prepared!

6. Campus Locator Help for Families and Friends

When an emergency situation happens on campus or in the city of Washington, families and friends often become anxious about the safety of their relatives and friends at Trinity.

We ask all students, faculty and staff to develop an emergency contact plan with your families and friends, and please share the following information with them.

If an emergency takes place on campus or in the city of Washington, we urge every person on campus to contact your families and friends as quickly as possible to assure them of your safety. Depending upon the nature of the emergency, Trinity will make additional telephone lines and email access points available.

We ask our students, in particular, to take extra steps to be sure that someone knows your whereabouts at all times. Please leave a message with a roommate or friend in the residence hall if you are leaving campus, especially for an extended period of time. If you commute to campus, please let a friend or co-worker know if you have a change of plans when you are supposed to be in class. Frequent communication of your plans is definitely a stress-reducer in emergencies.

Families and friends who are attempting to locate someone on Trinity’s campus may call these numbers

·         Students: 202-884-9530 Office of Enrollment Services

·         Students:  202-884-9611 Office of the Dean of Students

·         Staff: 202-884-9120 Office of Human Resources

·         Faculty: 202-884-9220 Academic Affairs

·         Conference Guests: 202-884-9136 Conference Office

For other information about Trinity’s Emergency Response Plan, please visit that page on our website by clicking here:  Emergency Response Plan

Last modified: Friday, May 15, 2020, 1:30 PM