Course Evaluations Reporting Tool Information & Instructions for Faculty

Thank you for leading a course at Trinity!

You can reach the course evaluations reporting tool from the main page of Moodle. 

However, first you must login to Moodle. (And if you get no further in the instructions, please remember the PDF option does not work; everything must be downloaded in Excel format.)

Then once you are logged in, click on the  "Course Evaluations Reporting for Faculty" link in the "Main Menu" block or directly from this link,  Either will bring you to the course evaluations reporter!

First, click on the "Course Evaluations" button.


Then within the evaluation tool, you will see three report options:

  1. Completed Course Evaluations - will show you the evaluation completion numbers and percentage for a specific course
  2. Course Evaluation Analysis - will show you the overall responses for a specific course
  3. Course Evaluation Student Responses - will show all selections grouped by individual


Note: if you are a Dean, Provost, or Instructional Designer, you may notice additional report links. If you see links that you feel you should not, please send Moodle Support an email!

If you click on the “Completed Course Evaluations” link, you will see all your current and former courses listed. You can click on the “Completed Evaluations” link in the right column to get a count of how many students have completed the evaluation. For current classes, you cannot get any detailed data until after all grades are final for all courses. This report simply provides a number and a percentage for how many students have completed the evaluation at this moment.  

completed evals

For previous classes, you can easily explore the evaluations data through the remaining two reports. You’ll notice, if you click on the “Course Evaluations Analysis” link, for example, that you can only see past courses.

To view the details, click on the "Evaluation Analysis" link for a specific course.


You'll see the detail responses then.

evaluation analysis detail page

You'll notice the 'PDF' button is crossed out. This feature no longer works, and is one reason why this tool is being retired. If you need a PDF, you can print this page as a PDF, if you have the option.

print as PDF

If you return back one page, you can export all of your course evaluations as Excel files in a zipped file folder. Select the courses you wish to export. Click the 'Excel' button at the bottom. Your zipped file will download.

zipped file

If you have difficulties exporting your analyses, or interpreting the data, please contact Moodle Support for further assistance!

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