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Glossary: Math Notation Help

lambda (lower case greek letter)

$$\lambda$$ gives \lambda

Lambda (upper case greek letter)

$$\Lambda$$ gives \Lambda

Learning Formula

\frac{success}{problem}=~\unitlength{.6}~\picture(100){~~(50,50){\circle(99)}~ ~(20,55;50,0;2){+1$\hat\bullet}~~(50,40){\bullet}~~(50,35){\circle(50,25;34)}~ ~(50,35){\circle(50,45;34)}}

left only brace

  • Syntax: \left{...\right.  (note the dot at the end!)
  • Ex.: $$f(x)=\left{{x^2, \rm~if x>-1\atop~0, \rm~else}\right.$$ gives

f(x)=\left{{x^2, \rm~if x>-1\atop~0, \rm~else}\right.

(\rm~something switches to roman style)

less than

$$<$$   is <

less than or equal

$$x\le~y$$ or $$x\leq~y$$ gives