Course Description:  Excellence in Leadership: Theory and Practice is an introduction to historical and current leadership theories, effective contemporary leadership practices, and how the scholar and the practitioner might inform each other for greater effect. This course will emphasize the student's analysis of themselves as leaders while preparing them to make use of their strengths and opportunities. Topics included in this course will include transformational leadership, women in leadership, multicultural leadership, classic management theories, and ethical management. Formerly titled Theories of Leadership and Organizational Change; 3 credits.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

•      Define leadership and explain the theories and practices of leadership

•      Self-analyze for leadership to determine personal strengths and weaknesses

•      Apply historical analyses of leaders to today’s intercultural realities

•      Identify and utilize transformational and authentic leadership styles in personal and organizational contexts

•      Utilize tools learned in this course to solve work-related leadership issues