Many leaders just go through the motions in life (like a clock); and others allow situations and circumstances to dictate their actions (like a thermometer). In either case, leaders are not able to fully tap into their full potential and may be disengaged from their true passion and fulfillment. When they become more conscious and engaged, judgment lessens, stress lessens, and productivity, pleasure, and feelings of purpose and fulfillment increase.

Conscious Leadership offers a choice. The opportunity to function like a thermostat --- instead of fitting into the status quo, the leader feels empowered to set the tone and shift the energy and culture in order to achieve greater results and levels of satisfaction.

The leaders will get an overview of the Seven Levels of Energy or Conscious Leadership.  The levels are based on the concept, The Cycle of Consciousness --- thoughts drive feelings/emotions that drive behaviors and outcomes.  Every leader has default ways of viewing the world under normal and high-stress circumstances. The leader will learn how to move beyond their default tendencies and consciously choose a mindset level that best serves the situation --- not be limited to what is comfortable or current knowledge base, skills and abilities. The leaders will also learn about the blockers of success and tips on how to overcome them.

 This course experience starts with self-mastery. Students will be quipped to go back to their various institutions armed with the understanding that they are equipped to move past any barriers that could keep them from achieving their desired results, including politics, resource constraints, challenges to their value, limiting beliefs, assumptions, etc.