This course introduces students to hip-hop’s evolution from an underground culture in black and Latinx communities in New York City during the early 1970s to its current cosmopolitan form.  Hip-Hop is a global phenomenon that affects nearly every facet of society:  the arts, business, the classroom, the church, the legal system, political protests, and foreign diplomacy.  Consequently, hip-hop offers something for students from all backgrounds, disciplines, and career paths. 


Students in this course use hip-hop to discuss historical and contemporary themes of race, class, gender, religions, sexuality, nationality, politics and social activism, appropriation and defense of spaces, mixing of different cultures, migrations, multilingualism, and the search for self-identity. After a careful analysis of hip-hop’s evolution in America from the 1970s to the present, students follow hip-hop’s journey across the globe to Brazil, Canada, Cuba, France, Japan, the Middle East, and West Africa.