As everything today is visually based, learning how to make better images is necessary. Basically, this is a great class for you to gain valuable visual skills that you can use to enhance your career. Learning to be a better photographer will benefit you in so many ways.  This class is fun, and you are guaranteed to learn a lot.    

This class is designated as Independent Study.  We will have a live classroom discussion/lecture once a week. Each session will be recorded.   Hopefully we will be able to meet and do photography shoots. As well each student will help design a curriculum to meet your needs.  We explore the principles of the photographic process, with emphasis on the creative process, composition and the use of digital technologies.  Students must provide their own digital camera for the course.  Outside of class activities include an online component, readings, field trip and using your camera, posting your images on a blog and on Flickr accounts you create for this class.