The General Studies - Senior Seminar provides students with a capstone experience and an opportunity to create a body of work that will show they have met the goals of the Bachelor Degree Program.   

Through an analysis of coursework and their own writing, students will develop an independent interdisciplinary research project showcasing learned knowledge, academic and research skills, writing abilities, and presentation strategies.  Approved projects will demonstrate application of prior coursework, the interdisciplinary nature of the program of study, and substantial researched knowledge that demonstrates the ability to synthesize and broadly integrate subject-specific and cross-disciplinary knowledge and to connect theory and application.

Course Objectives- By the end of the semester, successful students will be able to:

  • write a paper utilizing standard APA research methods and techniques.

  • improve critical thinking and quantitative skill sets.

  • demonstrate competence and familiarity with standard information technologies.

  • be able to engage an audience by giving a good and interesting oral presentation.