Course: EDU 790A, Organization and Leadership through Administration

Dates: Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 24, and 31.

Time: 9am-5:30pm


Instructor: Dr. Sean B. Yisrael


Phone: 513-266-1158

Location: Parkdale


Course Description: This course will define the many aspects of an administrator’s influence and impact on a school environment. Participants will examine how factors of teacher assessment and development, academic advancement, as well as how school and community outreach play a part in a school’s overall success. Students will develop strategic planning skills to evaluate the organization of a school community’s relationships and responsibilities and how they correlate with pupil achievement. Participants will explore the role of staff professional development.

Attendance Policy: To adhere to certification requirements, students must attend all four sessions.

Course Goals:

·         Analyze various aspects of school operations that are crucial to effective school leadership.

·         Review educational leadership literature.

·         Gain a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of school leadership.

·         Identify appropriate strategies for effective communication.

·         Explore the role of Leadership in a variety of Educational settings.


Course objectives:

At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to:

·         Identify issues, problems, and concerns that school leaders encounter and develop solutions to those problems.

·         Identify appropriate strategies when placed in a leadership role.  

·         Develop methods for effective communication.



Grading System: The school of education utilizes the following grading scale:


                        A 100-95                                

A-    94-90

                        B+ 89-87

                        B   86-84

B-    83-80

                        C   76-75

                        F   74 and below



Course Schedule:


Day 1 – Setting a Solid Foundation



Day 2 – School Culture



Day 3 – Classroom Instruction



Day 4 – Professional Development



Day 5 – Parental Engagement


 Class Assignments

Daily Participation

20 points


Assignment: Students are expected to be punctual and fully participate in the course in its entirety. 


Grading: Students will receive 5 points each class meeting when they participate in class discussions and willingly interact with both the instructor and peers during in class activities.



Reflection Paper

Due on the last day

30 Points


Assignment: The reflection paper will focus around a core concept discussed from the chapter readings.  The reflection paper should be a general description of key concepts or leadership strategies that shaped students’ thinking about school leadership.  It also should reflect what students have learned.  The reflection paper should have a title page, be a maximum of three pages, double spaced, and typed using 12” Times New Roman font. 



Assignments and Classroom Activities

30 Points


Assignment: Each student must complete activities in class either individually or in a group.  Each activity is designed to give students practical experience dealing with real-life issues from a school leaders’ perspective.  Each student must actively participate and complete all task in a timely fashion.


Summative Assessment

20 points

Due on the last day


Each student will take a summative assessment at the end of the session.  The assessment will cover concepts covered in the chapter readings and during class.  The assessment will consist of a maximum of twenty multiple choice and five short answer questions.




Note about assignments:

No late assignments will be accepted, so prepare early – any problems??  Call me!  Remember, I am here to support and help you!!