The ability to balance tactical acumen and strategic thinking has become a prerequisite for career progression and success, especially as organizations are increasingly looking inward and turning to their leaders to serve as subject matter experts and internal consultants. Today, one of the most important skills that leaders must bring to the table is the ability to quickly identify, analyze, make recommendations, and take expedient action to avert problems or maximize opportunities.

This course provides MBA candidates with the opportunity to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the MBA program to a real-world business problem.  Students will be serve as management consultants to analyze and propose recommendations to an early/mid phase start-up organization as their MBA capstone project.

To demonstrate their understanding of the final capstone deliverable, students will be required to participate in group sessions to analyze the organizational problem and propose recommendations. Each student is expected to propose and defend their recommendations.   Emphasis is placed on writing and formatting the deliverable in the form most appropriate.

This is a culminating course in which students complete an integrative learning experience (ILE) that demonstrates synthesis of at least five foundational and concentration competencies that align with the student’s educational and professional goals. Students complete a final community-based project in which the student synthesizes at least five competencies, three of which address foundational competencies of evidence-based approaches to public health, knowledge of public health and health care systems, planning and management to promote health, public health policy, leadership, communication, interprofessional public health practice, or systems thinking. Students present their final project in a professional forum at the end of the semester. Students must pass the course with a B or better to graduate from the program.  This course is required of all students in the program.