Management & Leadership Development - Provides a broad survey of management and leadership theories and their implications for management practices.  Students learn the basics of effective management and leadership, with a focus on personal awareness, growth and building effective working relationships.  This course provides a foundation understanding of the challenges facing leaders and managers and assists the student with improving leadership skills and behaviors.  

Welcome to Expressive Arts!

This hybrid course surveys the array of applications of expressive arts in clinical mental health counseling. It is intensive and immersive, allowing for the utmost introspection and self awareness.

Students typically have voluminous inquiries regarding the required texts and how to begin preparing for the experience.

Should you wish to get started now, you may do any or all of the following:

  • begin collecting basic art making materials i.e. glue, scissors, colored pencils, markers, 8 x 11 sketch pad, magazine collage clippings, etc.
  • begin reading the posted readings.
  • begin collecting photos of yourself throughout the lifespan OR symbols of yourself throughout the lifespan i.e. collage clippings, etc.
  • begin perusing the posted links. *In the event that the links malfunction, please do not panic. Simply do a Google search with the link title listed.
  • really begin clearing your schedule as the course requires 5 full clock hours of engagement per day.
  • set up a Netflix account or arrange to borrow a friend's Netflix for film viewing experientials.

The syllabus will be posted on the first day of class.  All other questions will be answered on the first day of class. 

Please be on time! 


Professor Johnson